The LIFE Agromitiga project encompasses a total of 24 actions to be carried out over 4 years. These actions include technical tasks, aimed at the implementation of Conservation Agriculture techniques for carbon sequestration and its inclusion in a Carbon Footprint quantification methodology, as well as the creation of an App to evaluate via mobile phone the carbon content in agricultural soils. Likewise, there are also governance and dissemination actions through conferences, courses and congresses.

Preliminary Phase

During this phase, the Conservation Agriculture practices to be tested will be identified, both in herbaceous and woody crops, to verify their capacity to mitigate climate change. In addition, a sectorization of the region, in which the demonstration farms will be implemented, will be carried out, in order to identify the potential of the soil to fix carbon. Once the sectorization has been carried out, 35 farms will be selected in Andalusia and in 3 countries of the Mediterranean area to carry out the implementation actions.

Development Phase

During this phase, the implementation of Conservation Agriculture practices will be carried out and the carbon content in the soil and the Greenhouse Gas emissions will be monitored within the network of established farms, evaluating their profits compared to conventional management systems In addition, an App, which calculates the carbon content in agricultural soils using the image taken by the mobile camera, will be created. On the other hand, a Governance Plan will allow participation and involvement of the sector's agents in the project.

Dissemination Phase

During the development phase, communication and dissemination actions will be undertaken to give visibility to the project and show the achieved results. Meetings will be held with various agents in this sector and with people responsible for agrarian and environmental policies at regional, national and European level. It is planned to conduct face-to-face courses and an online course, informative days, a national conference, an international field day and two European conferences.

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