Expected Results

LIFE Agromitiga will promote a soil management system that mitigates climate change. Thanks to different actions, the agricultural sector will develop a methodology and a tool to assess the carbon content in the soil depending on the soil management system used in the crop, providing the administrations with instruments to verify agricultural and environmental policies regarding climate change

Specifically, the LIFE Agromitiga project is expected to achieve the following results:

Generated tools

Methodology for the quantification of verified carbon credits that will allow the agricultural sector to access carbon markets.

App for quantification and evaluation of carbon in agricultural soils.

Mitigation of climate change

Carbon fixation higher than 1 Mg ha-1 year-1 in both herbaceous and woody crops.

Fixation of 68,000 t of carbon in annual crops and 61,600 t in woody crops.

Reduction of 13,380 t CO2 emissions.

In all crop rotations together, it is expected to save 30% of energy. Energy productivity is expected to exceed by 50% and diesel consumption to fall by half.

Other environmental benefits

Reduction of erosion by 90% and runoff by up to 70%..

Impacts on the target audience

It is expected to train more than 4,000 farmers and technicians.

LIFE Agromitiga will achieve an increase of 1 million ha in the area of Conservation Agriculture in the EU.

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